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lazytown full episodes
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Soon the airship is broken with Robbie inside, and the only one who can stop it from crashing into Pixel's house is Sportacus. Retrieved 7 September Robbie then makes everyone believe that the clone Stephanie is the real Stephanie, so the LazyTowners decide to have a dance contest to determine who is the real one. After Sportacus eats a sugar apple and passes out, the kids have to find a way to work together to rescue him. The LazyTowners decide to repay Sportacus for all his heroics by giving him a day off, but Sportacus cannot get used to relaxing, and wants to go back to exercising and being a superhero.

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Alyssa. Age: 31.
lazytown full episodes

But Robbie Rotten soon appears, disguised as the "Birthday Fairy", and gives Ziggy a voice-activated taffy machine that produces an endless supply of candy at Ziggy's command.

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Can Sportacus become the hero of the fairy tale and save them? It's the first day of summer in LazyTown and everyone is going to the beach to celebrate. Robbie uses this opportunity to hand Sportacus a fake crystal and now LazyTown is in real trouble. Stephanie wants to throw a thank-you party for Sportacus, so she encourages her friends to have good manners to plan the perfect party.

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