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For the third day running, Chun-Li found herself staring at her set of unitards hanging in the wardrobe. The gold one immediately caught her eye. She got to work getting dressed as she awaited their arrival.

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There are a lot of great reasons to install fan-made modifications to the character models in Street Fighter. Personally, I like to install mods made with referential cleverness in mind, like the mod that transforms the character Poison into Bayonetta pictured aboveor the one that turns C. Viper into Samus.

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Amusingly, when I was looking for characters to mock for another lesson in how game companies are doing it wrong, I had initially thought I was going to pick apart the Dead or Alive girls. Check this out:. Furthermore, she has a ribcage and actual organs.

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Well, we think it's a bug. This particular issue has been in the fighting game since I played preview builds last year. Capcom had said it would be patched out, but in the latest version of the game, which launched at midnight, it's still present and correct.

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After the unexpected success of the original Street Fighter II and its subsequent revisions and console ports, Capcom decided to produce a feature-length anime movie based on the series. It was released theatrically on August 8, The international criminal organization Shadowlaw secretly records fights of the world's greatest martial artists with their human-like Monitor Cyborgs.

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Ed's note: Capcom's legendary fighting series made a comeback with " Street Fighter IV " inwhich become a console hit with two expanded editions and a devoted esports following. Longtime series fan James Moore explains below why he's both worried and excited about the sequel. The biggest reason I'm not super excited about "Street Fighter V" is that it feels small.

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She followed close behind, shutting the door and discreetly locking it. She plopped onto the couch and got comfy as Chun Li brought them a couple of glasses. She poured Cammy some Chinese wine and the two of them clinked glasses.

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Holy shit it's so hot here I wish clothes never existed. Hope everyone with mature filter disabled likes! Add a Comment:.

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Laura Matsuda vs Chun li Chun li raises the microphone to her mouth. With saying this the lights in the arena went out and there was a loud buzzing sound coming from backstage. The lights came back on and Laura was standing at the top of the ramp with her lightning surging around her hands. She raised her hands and received a very hostile response from the audience.


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