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Wouldn't you believe Hell is not a place Hell is not a certain evil Hell is other people Or the lack thereof And their lack of love And their lack of love. Baby, while we're young I think we should do something crazy Like say fuck everyone And just run away from the daily Routine Yea, you know what I mean. Cause its been another perfect day with ya Wanna lay with ya Spend a night with ya And spend my life with ya Alright Yea you heard me right.

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It's a real denial of age and responsibility. This, however, is the moment they have been working towards. The on-going fascination with the male psyche continues for the band.

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Man it's three oh one and the bottles down Get the girls We got more chicks than seats left Fuck it We go squeeze in That there is the one I want So make sure that she's in Better buckle up Coz i'm usually known for speeding And I'm usually known for wildin' out And it's usually for no reason I go bezerk My chill button don't work They always wanna flirt Cuz I'm beard gang I'm papa smirf I do it bigger than a Vegas suite You ain't with me then take a seat Goes down seven days a week Eat, sleep, rave, repeat We go We go party till the sun come up And I don't give another-WOO! And I don't give another-WOO! I just woke up from a crazy dream That's wild Back of a limousine Damn I passed out Retro's and 80's jeans Snapback of my favourite team I came to reign supreme So you scream when I say you scream I am the dopest dope!

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Dear Polly. At first, casual dating was exactly what I needed. I tried casual relationships a handful of times with guys I had chemistry with, but I realized that they just made me feel bad about myself.

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Hey, I told you that check was coming in, I gotchu when it came in. Goddamn, I'm a man of my word. Goddamn, I told you I'ma have it, and goddamn, I'ma have it for you.

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So few artists write with such honesty and just let the songs stand up for themselves. The album inspired me to start a band when it came out and we make numerous references to it. The fact that they could put out a record and make themselves known was a very important thing for me.

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Nicki recently went on Hot 97 and talked about how Drake and her have become too busy to have a real connection recently. We already know how he feels about commitment. He gets a lot of criticism from people saying he already had money prior to rapping, due to his acting career. He had to take care of his extremely sick mom and his grandmother and since his father was in and out of prison there was no help.

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Music should make you feel, react. Music can help you cope with your feelings after a bad break up; it can also assist you in wallowing in self-pity after a bad break up. Music has always been, and will always be a means of escapism.

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If you don't like what I'm saying then buck Swang when you see me, we can throw them hands sucker Stand up. If you aint notice nigga, I don't give a fuck If I said it, then I meant it, and what fuck nigga Stand up. You don't wanna see the triggerman man buss Hit you and your man's up, make it hard for a nigga to.


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