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This weekend, the Book of the Dead reopens and the deadites return for the long-anticipated remake of Sam Raimi's horror classic, " Evil Dead. The version of the tale about cursed texts and demonic possession has amped up levels of gore and a new cast of characters, but can the remake ever come close to the cult status of the original? Critics are mostly positive on Fede Alvarez's attempt to recapture the Raimi magic, but most reviews noticed a lack of the original's humor and genuine scares, keeping the "Evil Dead" from unanimously positive scores.

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With A Most Horrific YearSenior Staff Writer Randall Colburn analyzes and reflects on the most critically acclaimed horror movie of every year, starting in and moving backwards. Spoilers are guaranteed. My pastor played us an audio clip.

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The first is that Oz is in a way a powerfully autobiographical film from a guy who was himself once a horny carnival wizard 1 and who has devoted his life to surprising and entertaining audiences using whatever tools happen to be at hand, even when said tools are a talking, flying monkey voiced by Zach Braff, or Sharon Stone in a cowboy hat. It was a high school drama class in Beverly Hills, Michigan, and Raimi was pantomiming riding a unicycle. His earliest films feature fetish-level amounts of bodily fluids.

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His filmography reveals entry after entry of genre pulp featuring characters dealing with life-changing events. Bill Paxton stars as Hank, a small-town husband and soon-to-be father who works at a feed store. Such a movie was different than anything Raimi had previously done. The good-intentions-gone-bad theme appears as a fox captures a hen.

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I like to imagine that the final shot in Spider-Man 3 in which we see Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson embrace one another, is a bittersweet meeting between old friends rather than something romantic. Spider-Man 3 has a lot of problems. It fails its villains, jamming too many into one film, creating a mishmash instead of narrowing its focus in the same way that the first two films had done.

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To create an open source, low cost, high functioning, bionic arm and hand for children with foreshortened forearms. Or grown ups. The hard bit is making it small. Making bigger ones will be simple.

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Shortly after gaining his spider like superpowers, due to being bitten by a genetically altered "super" spiderPeter originally wore a wrestling suit in order to gain money to buy a car to impress his childhood crush, Mary Jane Watson. The wrestling suit was seen with a red balaclava, red shirt with a black spider on the front and back, blue pants and red shoes along with red and white gloves. After the death of his wise uncle, Ben Parker and graduating from high school, Peter decided to use his powers to fight crime, he abandoned his wrestling suit and wore instead a skin tight red and blue suit which was based on a arachnid; it had a silver raised web pattern on the red portions of the suit starting from the mask, eye lenses on the mask and two spiders on the front and back, both in different designs.

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Given the tumultuous on-screen history of Spidey post-Raimi, and the equally convoluted history it took to get him to the movies in the first place, now that we have our third big screen Spider-Man in 25 years, we asked ourselves, how does the Raimi trilogy hold up? Actually, it turns out that the original Spidey trilogy holds up pretty damn well, indeed. From Ash Williams's Evil Dead adventures onward, Raimi's films have always been about outcast weirdos -- and there are very few outcast weirdos bigger or weirder than Peter Parker.