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From a discrete distance the muscled boy finally arrived the waterfall and there he encountered with another guys who him called coach. Daddy knows best and makes the decisions. Should follow him n let him know I sent you jockboys. He would never be ashamed anymore of having a sexy body, daniel now was decided to make his body even more desirable, even fuckable, it was good being objectified, it was just the right thing for he. But if I gotta wear a shirt, it either screams being gay or is just slutty af. I had helped both of them keep their grades high enough that they maintained their eligibility to play. So he made a wish to improve the eye candy in the room.

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So Richard - now Dick - was blessed with more than just hard bulging muscles.

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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

It was exhausting, though - and by the end of the year I told them I would only be able to tutor one of them next year. And of course I wear em until I burst out of them in growth. Good boy, now you truly belong to coach. Pumped and jocked out bros.

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