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The principal objective of this study was to identify the barriers to testing for men who have sex with men MSM in Korea, something that might prove useful in future studies of this nature. This study was conducted at gay bars nationwide in Korea. After considering several offline locations gay bars where MSM candidates are commonly located, random recruitment was performed using time—location sampling.

Last Updated on May 3, About a year back I did a feature on my experiences of being gay in Japan. This was after spending a year abroad as an exchange student at a Japanese university which you can view here.

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My girlfriend and I went to SpaLand yesterday. A good day out. Looked very good.

This is a well-kept, large and beautiful spa with multiple baths, tubs, saunas, etc. At 10, won this is a great deal; the jjimjilbang is an additional 2, won. However, one certainly finds more impressive bathhouses in Eastern Europe and other places with a spa culture.

I will be adding stuff to this post as my internet connection allows. You first go into a same-sex only section to shower, sit in hot tubs, and go to the sauna. They also have a scale and a self-check blood pressure machine.

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SeoulSouth Korea. See Geeting there. Itaewon, Homo Hill.

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I briefly mentioned prostitution in my neighborhood review of Deokcheon. After a lot of research, I've mapped out pretty much most of the popular prostitution spots in Busan. I hope this information will come in handy for someone. Most prostitutes will not risk their health with your dirty AIDS dick for any amount of money.

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While many South Koreans and visitors to the country have visited the many saunas found around the country, there are also special saunas specifically for gay men in the country too! Read what he had to say below:. Upon entering the dimly lit establishment, one does as they would do in any normal sauna.

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