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Toni — You know you want to get one for your boyfriend. I bet if you wore this thong at a Nightclub while drinking a Rockstar Juiced, the women would be going wild. For some reason the male strippers and women part always involved alcohol marvo. After all, I received a lot of wedgies growing up, and in those days I wore exclusively tighty-whiteys. When I was changing in the dressing room at my taekwondo school the other day, I actually had other ladies demanding to know where I got those underwear. I should just get used to it. You said the only way to have girls go nuts over you bad pun was to wear a thong.

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Collins. Age: 29.
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My hat off to you because seriously, I could never even see myself trying out a thong, even if just to see what it feels like.

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Lilian. Age: 22.
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Wedgie Punishment Quiz (Guys only)

However, I think if you stuck her in a room with a bunch of other women, lots of alcohol, stacks of one dollar bills, and tanned, oiled men in thongs, she would say otherwise while licking whipped cream off of the pierced nipples of one of the thonged men. Chuck — If I were at a nightclub with a thong, women would need lots and lots of alcohol and blindfolds to go wild over me. Like I said earlier, only strippers and European male sunbathers. So far, you got at least 15 replies by women here excluding myself.

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