How to get piss smells out

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Amidst the daily wear and tear your home experiences, there are all kinds of stains and smells you can encounter. One of the toughest stains to handle at home is a urine stain. Well have no fear, fellow odor haters.

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Show less That particular smell of urine comes from naturally occurring bacteria and uric acid crystals, or in other words crystallized urine residue. These crystals frequently get trapped in porous damp surfaces, like clothes, fabric, or carpets, and release a strong ammonia scent as bacteria feeds on the urine.

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No matter how well trained your dog is, and how diligently you keep to your potty-break schedule, sometimes pee happens. And even if you come upon a dried urine puddle or stain, there are still things you can do to remove the smell. Now what?

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But first things first…. Urine can smell badly because of too much bacteria in your system. If you have urinary tract infection or UTI then that can also alter the smell and color of your pee. On a lighter side, badly smelling urine can also be caused by drinking fewer fluids because your body will not have enough water to mask away the odors.

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The longer dog pee or cat urine sits in a carpet, the worse the problem becomes. Bacteria builds up, and the urine soaks through into the pad below. It can go as deep as the wood floors and the sub-floor in some cases, making cleanup a bit complicated.

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Sometimes, your urine can even take on a sulfur-like scent. Learn what may be behind this, which other symptoms to watch for, and when to see your doctor. Asparagus is notorious for making urine smell like sulfur after you eat it.

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This is actually not as hard to get out as most people think. With a few tools and ingredients, you can get the stain and smell out. Luckily, all of the steps and home remedies for the misfortunate situation are easy to do and take very little time.

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For most, peeing is such a mundane task that you do it without giving it too much thought unless, you know, you're wearing a romper— so complicated. But what if, when you sit down and relieve yourselfyou notice Whether it's extra pungent or, uh, fishy, having a weird smell emanating from down there can be freaky.

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Whether someone had a bedwetting accident or your pet peed on the carpet, urine odors and stains can be aggravating to deal with. Fortunately, you can treat most urine messes with simple, homemade solutions or a good enzymatic cleaner. If the stain has been sitting around for a while, try tackling it with hydrogen peroxide. You can also wash soiled clothes or bedding with a little vinegar.


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