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Only in Asia is it deemed appropriate to dedicate theme parks to the crudest elements of life. This one, known as Haesindang Park is entirely dedicated to dicks. I don't mean this in the pejorative sense, I mean this literally.

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Hey, this is a judgment-free zone. Unfortunately, sharing that absolutely perfect shot of your junk can not only be alarming if unwarrantedbut also can totally kill a conversation vibe if it's not done juuuuuust right. Instead of letting your member stand in full salute all by his lonesome, utilize your free hand to be strategic with your angles to add in a view of your chest or thighs.

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Amid coverage of a helicopter crash in SeattleWash. While they did find at least one photo of the crash, they also accidentally aired a very not-safe-for-work photo. After the first relevant picture from Seattle, the hosts stumbled when a picture of Edward Scissorhands popped up onscreen.

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The hundred grand portfolio updates are helpful Really glad you put that up this morning I thought it might be fun to see what a winning trade looks like. Great call on your part and looking back it seems pretty obvious.

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A lawyer by trade, Maddie has a flair for writing and art criticism that makes Critique My Dick Pic entertaining, arousing, and occasionally even heartwarming. Her critiques are gentle and constructive. She assigns letter grades for submissions, and encourages senders to keep upping their game:.

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Illustration by Vivian Shih. Kate, 24, prefers a subreddit whose name stands for "ladyboners gone wild. I'll be like, 'Wow, that's an interesting-looking foreskin!

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But Schacher said the suit was actually filed by Jonathan Lee Riches, a convicted felon who has sued thousands of people. Samantha Schacher v Johnny Manziel. But we need your support to do what we do.

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Bolling has since been formally suspended from Fox News, and is apparently targeting Ali personally rather than the Huffington Post for the publication of the story. But as multiple writers noted on Twitter, suing over a dick pic you allegedly sent might be among the least legally advisable things you could do, as the defense could potentially dig up lots of embarrassing material in discovery. Perhaps Bolling has never heard of the Streisand effectsomething virtually every person who has spent time online or worked in the media knows about. This is particularly true of things like dick pics or alleged dick pics, which Bolling could probably ask his colleague Geraldo Rivera about.

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Lawyers for Kimberly Guilfoyle are preemptively threatening legal action over salacious allegations about the former Fox News host published Friday on HuffingtonPost. The news outlet claims the former first lady of San Francisco, ex-wife of leading California gubernatorial candidate Gavin Newsom, and girlfriend of Donald Trump, Jr. Attorneys at the law firm of Clare Locke call the claims malicious and false, and sent letters threatening legal action against media organizations, including SFGATE, to attempt to prevent journalists from covering the claims.

Andy Cohen potentially losing his virginity to a woman involves more A-listers than one would think. The Watch What Happens Live host opened up about the couple—yes, couple—he met while on a book tour and revealed the woman involved would agree to a threesome with either Paul Walker or Andy. Ultimately, Andy agreed to the sexy soiree.


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