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Posted - Oct 23 : PM Here is the post by De'bella on this forum that I am refering to: Just see 'Debellas Young Fellas" and look at it objectively and closely and you will see what I have been talking about and what happened to me. Older women have a lot more experience and really know what they're doing. They are working on behalf of radical religious wingnuts who hate all porn and everything it stands for. It was a family matter that was resolved once I decided to get a divorce and move away from my ex-husband. And Yes Jewel and I are on excellant speaking terms now. I don't think there is any shortage of men who are very attracted to older women. RandomPrecision Senior Member Enjoy!

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Vera. Age: 20.
pornstar debella

Posted - Oct 23 : PM I don't know the details but I find it sad that she wouldn't say "no" or "stop" simply because a camera is rolling.

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Caitlin. Age: 26.
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Posted - Nov 3 : PM you can find those autographed copies at clubdebella. Its a matter of time with all of the governmental agencies in southern california and south florida putting the industry under a microscope now, the dirty ones will get weeded out. Also is it a coincidence that you are now in good terms with Jewel after "retiring" from porn? IOW, you can't just take a MILF and plop her down in what would otherwise be a teeny bopper movie with all of the ridiculous circus stuff that goes on.

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