Nipple incisions for breast implants

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The most common cosmetic surgical procedure done in the United States based on statistics published by the American Society of Plastic Surgery is breast augmentation. When planning a breast augmentation there are many important decisions to make such as implant type and size, implant placement above or below the muscle, and incision location. Currently there are four acceptable options for incisions: axillary armpitperiareolar around areolaperiumbilical belly buttonand inframammary fold.

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Breast augmentation can help women who are unhappy with their bust line gain a sense of confidence and pride in their bodies. However, when considering breast augmentation, there are many decisions to make beyond implant size. The type of incision is an important component of any breast augmentation procedure.

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If you are considering breast augmentation surgery in Omahaone of your main concerns might be scarring. How are the implants going to be inserted into your breasts? Will you have noticeable scars?

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Overwomen undergo breast augmentation every year by plastic surgeons alone in the United States. It is an excellent operation for the proper candidate, and many women only regret they didn't do it sooner. The vast majority of patients who undergo this surgery are younger women before they have children, and breastfeeding is a concern for a large segment of women who are considering implant-based surgery. A breast augmentation can be performed through several different incisional options: areolar, breast crease, armpit and belly button.

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Why worry about where your incisions are? Many of Dr. Overall, each technique will provide equally nice looking results, will hurt the same, and will heal the same.

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The peri-areolar incision, or nipple incision, is one of the most commonly used incisions in breast augmentation surgery. The nipple incision allows sub-glandular, sub-pectoral, or sub-muscular placement of the implant. The implant can be both inserted and removed through the nipple incision in the event of complications.

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It is important that the incision process is discussed with the surgeon as part of a consultation. Considerations for both the desire and individual of anatomy of each patient must be weighed. The belly button and armpit incisions are remote from the area where the implant is placed and the pocket is blindly created bluntly by pulling the tissues apart. There is the potential for more bleeding and these approaches are more painful.

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Despite this, only two studies have ever been published on the subject of postaugmentation mammaplasty sensory outcomes. The purpose of this study was to precisely measure sensory thresholds at the nipple-areola complex in women who have undergone augmentation mammaplasty by either the inframammary or periareolar approach. METHODS: Twenty women underwent primary augmentation mammaplasty by either the periareolar or inframammary approach at an average follow-up of 1.

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Breast augmentation — also known as augmentation mammoplasty — is surgery to increase breast size. It involves placing breast implants under breast tissue or chest muscles. For some women, breast augmentation is a way to feel more confident. For others, it's part of rebuilding the breast for various conditions.


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