Having a sexy relationship

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Sex in a relationship is definitely important. And yes, you can just take 20 minutes out of a day for sex with your partner. But is that really enough to keep sexual attraction and intimate connection thriving in your relationship?

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Show less You may love your boyfriend and feel passionate about your relationship, but unfortunately, being "sexy" doesn't always come naturally. To be really sexy with your boyfriend, you'll need to learn how to act sexy, look sexy, and think sexy -- but above all else, you'll need to be yourselves and figure out what works best for your relationship.

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Relationships take on many forms. Whether you and your high school crush fell happily in love or you've been exclusively smooching your college cutie for a while, falling in love means something different to everyone. After dating someone for a while, you may start to wonder if your red hot love is losing a little steam.

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There's no denying it, that sexual and physical spark is pretty important in a relationship. Yet, if you're only bonding in the bedroom, it could also mean your relationship might not get to a deeper, emotional level. A fix? Engage in sexy little things outside the bedroom to become more intimate in other ways and increase the chances of your relationship succeeding, long-term.

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It's a common stereotype that older married couples or those who have been in dedicated relationships for a long period of time come across the issue of not having enough sex or as much sex as they used to when their relationship was fresh and new. This stereotype comes with the bickering couple that often features one spouse who simply does not want to have sex anymore and one who is not happy with that fact. While this stereotype is not always true and not all couples have this issue, those that do do suffer from a strain in their relationship as sex does play a huge role in a couple's overall happiness with each other.

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Things are serious. And now you have no idea what to do with yourself around your sexy single friends, the attractive people you used to flirt with just for fun, an endeavor which your new person might find concerning. Seriously though, how are there so many markets in your city that you never noticed?

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In a perfect world, each moment of a relationship would be like that weak-kneed romantic scene in The English Patient when Ralph Fiennes and Kristin Scott Thomas finally get together. So what keeps us from living that swoony, loopy-in-love life? Nothing more than getting stuck in the same day-in, day-out patterns and letting gushiness shift to the back burner.

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I know, the root word is there, but sexy's informal definition is "exciting; appealing. That's a huge way to use the word sexy. Because the little sexy things long-term couples do to stay close don't always have to lead to a romp in the bedroom.

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That feeling when you hear yourself using the same agitated tone with your romantic partner that you used with your little brother as a kid. Or when a week goes by and you realize your only physical contact has been the kind of sanitary pecks you exchange with your in-laws. We're calling it "familialization"—the phenomenon of significant others starting to see themselves as relatives rather than as a couple—and it's one of the biggest problems that sex and relationships counselors encounter in their practices, says therapist Ian Kerner, Ph.

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